2023 Tournament Results

PlaceAnglers names2-Day Weight (lbs)
1stJohn Kopcok & TJ McLarty40.71
2ndMark Thompson & Lynda Slater40.50
3rdDarren Marcine & Andrew Miller39.26
4thShawn Grim & John Shields39.16
5thChris Sauve & Frank Wong38.73
6thRobert Stanley & Steve Clapper38.42
7thErik Hodgins & Mark Piche38.35
8thDave Mantik & Dakota Hamilton38.07
9thErik Urban & Jeremy Tetreault37.98
10thPaul Buratto & Jason Garvey37.95
BIG FISHThomas Johnson & Terry Wilson6.34lbs

** Posted above is the final results after late penalties applied. One boat arrived to the check in boat late on day 1 and 3 boats checked in late on day 2. Two of the 4 boats weighed in no fish therefore no penalties. All anglers that arrived late are aware and agree with the penalties. No payouts or prize packages were affected by the final results.