Anglers Choice – Kill Shot

March 9, 2017

The Canadian Tire Mitchell’s Bay Open is pleased to announce Angler’s Choice has come on board as a new sponsor.

Angler’s Choice will be sponsoring the 2017 tournament with a sampling of their popular Kill Shot baits that will be added to the 2017 Angler Bags.

Angler’s Choice is a small locally owned company based in South Western Ontario, Canada. Dave McCreedy and family manufacture Canadian Made soft plastics that have proven to be very effective on Lake St.Clair and everywhere else they have been tested.

The Kill Shot is the ultimate drop shot bait. It starts with a solid head that is perfect for nose hooking, and is also very hydro dynamic to allow it to cut through the current and swim the way a drop shot bait should. The body has a wider flattened profile allowing you to use a smaller hook without affecting the hook up. There are also deep cut ribs encircling the bait, this allows it maximum movement and action while trapping air and releasing it as it moves. The diamond shaped tail is designed to have the most amount of movement with the least amount of angler input, it also serves to increase the overall profile of the bait. We have matched the salt to plastic ratio to allow this bait to be “neutrally buoyant”, meaning it will remain horizontal and in the fish’s strike zone.

For more information and see the entire lineup please check out Angler’s Choice at:

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