How to Keep Tournament Fish Alive During Summer Heat

Here is an interesting and timley video from T-H Marine Supplies on How to Keep Tournament Fish Alive During Summer Heat.

This is why we provide free ice to all of our anglers! It is also important to keep your livewell pumps on all day when it is hot, livewell timers do not usually get enough fresh water and oxygen to your fish. Important to check your batteries each night and carry a booster pack.

According to independent testing, if you increase oxygen in your livewell, you can improve fish survival by over 35%! The OXYGENATOR™ Pro Livewell Flush Mount is designed to do just that, providing you a livewell oxygen generator that will retrofit most boat livewells from 10 to 20 gallons and operate off the existing boat battery.
The OXYGENATOR™ manufactures 100% pure oxygen by splitting the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule in water. This creates a super-saturated oxygen environment, even in the warmest water.
The only additive or treatment that we recommend using is G-JUICE. Any other additive may cause harm to your fish.
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