2014 Winning Team

Results from the 1st Annual Mitchell’s Bay Open Bass Tournament held Friday, August 15th & Saturday, August 16th, 2014

2014 winners Chad Wetzell and Brad Coon.

2014 winners Brad Wetzell and Brad Coon

Chad Wetzell and Brad CoonWith a winning weight of 40.65 pounds over 2 days the 1st annual Mitchell’s Bass Open Bass Tournament was won by Brad Coon and Chad Wetzell. Payout was $5400.00

Second place went to Matt King and Jason Coll with 39.67 pounds. Payout was $3000.00

Third was taken by Dave Demers and Chris Sherman with 39.06 pounds. Payout was $1800.00.

Fourth belongs to Rick Damphouse and Todd McBride who brought in 38.74 pounds. Payout was $1500.00.

Fifth place goes to Chuck Hasty and Jeremy Tetrault with 37.53 pounds. Payout was $1050.00.

Big Fish of the tournament prize was donated by Mitchell’s By Marine Park. $1000.00 was won by Matt King and Jason Coll for their day 1 Big Fish weighing 5.69 pounds.

Big fish from the angler pool paid $520.00 each day, Day 1 was won by Matt King and Jason Coll, Day 2 was won by Rick Damphouse and Todd McBride.